Saturday, July 08, 2006

UPDATED: My Selected Portfolio

As promised, I've started adding all new content to my selected portfolio. These first additions include gag cartoon illustrations, graphic and logo design work, as well as a few "goodies" for students & teachers ...

COPETOONS.COM - Portfolio Update

The currently featured gag cartoons include my W32.Dog.E Virus cartoon that was recently published in Reader's Digest Canada Magazine. On that note, I encourage Canadian readers to pickup a copy of the magazine's August 2006 issue when it's released ... Nudge nudge, wink wink, say no more!

Regarding the Student & Teacher Goodies ... These first additions are just a sample of resources that I designed during my student teaching blocks while enrolled in Brock University's Faculty of Education. All of these files were utilized in high school classroom settings that ranged from Communications Technology (Comm-Tech) to Computer and Information Science courses. The icons in this section currently link directly to the individual PDF documents, however, future updates will include HTML versions, as well as source files and student exemplars.

Speaking of students and teachers ...

Although all of the content on COPETOONS.COM is protected by copyright laws (see disclaimer at bottom of each page), I invite and encourage you to download and freely distribute any of the resources that I specifically provide for students and teachers. This means that you can download, print and/or photocopy these as much as you'd like. The only exception is if your intended use is commercial publication (print or online). In return, all that I ask is that you leave my name/URL credit on any resources and, most importantly, I ask for your feedback -- be it positive or negative! Did you find a resource helpful? How were you able to utilize it? Do you have any suggestions for making it better?

In closing, please keep in mind that all of the sections mentioned above are still under construction. There's plenty more fun still to arrive! In the meantime, your feedback is always welcome :)

Stay TOONed!

- Mike Cope