Wednesday, June 13, 2007

DVD VIDEO: "Student Voices: Turning Point" for HWDSB

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"I Will Believe" Bonus Track from HWDSB Student Voices: Turning Point DVD.

Something a little different to share with you today ... The above video clip is the "Bonus Track" on a DVD that I recently completed for the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board entitled "Student Voices: Turning Point." (Produced in association with the HWDSB's "Unlock Your Future" Student Success Initiative).

HWDSB Unlock Your Future - Student Success Initiative
HWDSB: Unlock Your Future - Student Success Initiative.

Previously, I animated the video for the official "Unlock Your Future" launch, as well as created a promotional DVD for Vocation Education in the Hamilton-Wentworth school board.

This particular project began back in February when I filmed some footage at a graduation ceremony that was held for some Turning Point students.

You're probably wondering, "What's Turning Point?"

To help explain, here are a few screenshots from the DVD's introduction ...

INTRO SCREENSHOTS: HWDSB Student Voices: Turning Point
SCREENSHOTS from HWDSB Student Voices: Turning Point DVD.

The main portion of the DVD consists of the interview clips that are described above. Overall, they have a very powerful message for anyone involved in education, whether they're a teacher, principal, school trustee, parent, or student.

One special note about the above text ... You may have noticed that it stated that "over 50 students" were invited back to earn their diploma, but only 15 graduated in February. Those first 15 only needed 1 or 2 credits to graduate; however, this month, 35 more students will be graduating, bringing this year's graduating class to 50 students. The rest are still working hard in the program towards this goal.

DVD Cover Art by Mike Cope: HWDSB Student Voices: Turning Point
Cover Art by Mike Cope - HWDSB Student Voices: Turning Point DVD.

For my part, I produced 150 copies of the DVD for the school board. These videos will be distributed to local schools, as well as shared with other school boards across Ontario.

In the next few days, the DVD will be presented at a symposium hosted by the Ontario Ministry of Education, where I hope it is well received.

Special thanks to Ms. Angela Ferguson, Principal of Student Success for the HWDSB, and to Ms. Joanne Hall, Special Assignment Teacher, for bringing me onboard for this project. For those who don't know them, these are two great people who are passionate about student education -- Best of luck at the symposium!

If you, the reader, happen to be a teacher or school administrator and are interested in producing DVD's to help promote some of your programs, please feel free to contact me.

Stay TOONed ... and Stay in School!

- Mike

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