Sunday, October 28, 2007

Comic Strip Gag Writing: Workaholics, Daydreamers, and Procrastinators

PC & Pixel by Tak Bui

Here's a few more comic strip gags that I recently wrote for PC and Pixel by Tak Bui ... Enjoy!

First, we have one for all the BlackBerry users out there, who literally feel the pains of working overtime on their addictive little electronic devices (a.k.a. "CrackBerries")...

September 30, 2007

... I must admit that I didn't coin the phrase "Blackberryitis," but since it's becoming a more and more common medical diagnosis, I thought I'd offer an alternative therapy for those overworked thumbs :)

Speaking of being overworked ...

Have you ever wished you could get away from the daily grind? You know, find a warm, secluded beach where nobody from work could find you ...

October 21, 2007

... Keep dreaming!

On the other hand, maybe you're the type of person who's gifted with the special ability of finding alternative ways to get through a hard day's work ...

October 20, 2007

Unfortunately, it's back to work for me ... But if you'd like to read more comic strips, you can find PC and Pixel daily at United Media's

Stay TOONed!

- Mike Cope

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