Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Cartoon Sketch - YouTube Video Test

Above is my second attempt at posting a video on YouTube.

In this short film, you get a behind-the-scenes peak at me working at my drawing board in my cartoon studio. Please note that this video was created more as an experiment for me to test the possibilities of recording shorts specifically for YouTube, so it's intentionally presented in black & white, but I still hope that you find it enjoyable!

In the first part, I sketch a cartoon character in real-time using a regular HB pencil. Usually, I draw using a 2H pencil, but I found that its lead was too difficult to see on camera because I sketch so lightly. That said, this video will still give you an idea as to what one of my "rough" pencil sketches looks like before I ink it with a dip-pen and brush.

The video ends with a 7-second teaser of me colouring one of my magazine gag cartoons in Adobe Photoshop CS3. This segment was sped up about 200% or more ... I work fast, but not THAT fast!

In up-coming videos, I intend to share more about my cartooning process, so any questions or feedback would be much appreciated.

Stay TOONed!

- Mike Cope


  1. Great site you have here. Love the video. Your cartoony style has already influenced my own work somewhat.

    I added your blog to the artdojo list of artist blogs. Hopefully it will get you a little more exposure but I don't think many people go there.

    I will definitely be watching for new work and videos. Thanks for letting us get an inside look at your process. I would love to see how professional cartoonist ink.

  2. Great video, looking forward to the sequel!