Sunday, January 31, 2010

In Memory of Sam Vogl - YouTube Video

YouTube: "Sam Saves Christmas" (In Memory of Sam Vogl)

This weekend, news media across Canada have been reporting on the tragic death of a teenage boy, Sam Vogl (age 17), and his friend's father, Steve Babb, after a terrible skiing accident at Revelstoke Mountain Resort (British Columbia, Canada). Both men were from Grimsby, Ontario.

Facebook groups can be found here:
"R.I.P. Sam Vogl"

"Rest in Peace Sam Vogl and Steve Babb"

Sam was one of the brightest, hard-working, and genuinely FUN students I met during the four months I substituted as Grimsby District Secondary School's (GSS) Communications Technology teacher in the Fall of 2008. Always positive, always smiling, and always willing to help others ... A model student.

"Sam Saves Christmas" is a student video project originally created by Sam and his fellow Grade 11 classmates for the school's annual Christmas Assembly. Unfortunately, the assembly was cancelled due to a severe snow storm, so this film was never presented as intended.

I always save copies of student works that make great exemplars for future classes to aspire to. With the permission of Sam's classmates who participated in this video's creation, I've uploaded a copy of "Sam Saves Christmas" to YouTube so that students at Grimsby Secondary can enjoy this fond memory.

As family, friends, and an entire community mourn, I hope this video helps others understand why Sam Vogl will always be fondly remembered for his humour, enthusiasm, and tremendous school spirit.

Rest in peace, Sam.

- Mr. Cope

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