Thursday, May 27, 2010

It's Reuben Time!

Reubens on the Hudson (Art by Patrick McDonnell)
"Reubens on the Hudson" (Art by Patrick McDonnell)

This weekend, the National Cartoonists Society (NCS) is celebrating its 64th Annual Reuben Awards! It's like the Academy Awards for cartooning, but only better :)

From the NCS website ...

Each year, during the NCS Annual Reuben Awards Weekend, the Society honors the year's outstanding achievements in all walks of the profession.

The recipient of our profession's highest honor, the REUBEN AWARD FOR OUTSTANDING CARTOONIST OF THE YEAR is chosen by a secret ballot of the members.

Excellence in the fields of newspaper strips, newspaper panels, TV animation, feature animation, newspaper illustration, gag cartoons, book illustration, greeting cards, comic books, magazine feature/magazine illustration, and editorial cartoons, is honored in the NCS Division Awards, which are chosen by specially-convened juries at the chapter level.

The Milton Caniff Lifetime Achievement Award is awarded by unanimous vote of the NCS Board of Directors, as is the Silver T-Square, an award that recognizes outstanding service to the Society and the profession.

The 2009 Reuben Award Nominees (image courtesy of NCS)

The nominees for 2009's Cartoonist of the Year are Stephen Pastis (creator of the syndicated comic strip Pearls Before Swine), Dan Piraro (creator of the syndicated daily panel cartoon Bizarro), and Richard Thompson (creator of the syndicated strip Cul de Sac.

The Reuben Award winner, along with the recipients of each Division Award, will be announced on Saturday night! Having just recently become an official member of the NCS, I wish that I could be there. Hopefully I'll be able to attend the 65th celebration!

At the time of this writing, a complete list of Division Award nominees can be found at

Best of luck to all nominees ... and Stay TOONed!

- Mike Cope

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