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Home Lab: "Tooth Test" Cartoon Illustrations Published in YES Mag #84 (Sept. 2011) by Mad Science

Professionally Speaking: The Magazine of the Ontario College of Teachers - September 2011 CoverHow's yer pearly whites? If you're like me, and have a sweet tooth (or two!), you're probably salivating over this cover photo from the Sep/Oct 2011 issue of YES Mag #84: The Science Magazine for Adventurous Minds.

The issue is overflowing like a sack of Halloween candies with all sorts of articles and goodies on "The Science of Junk Food." If you're not a subscriber, I sugar-highly recommend visiting your local bookstore or magazine stand to pick up a copy (candy not included!).

As a usual treat, kids can enjoy practicing a few scientific tricks with this month's Home Lab experiment written by the Mad Science Project Team on pages 24 and 25. The project is called "The Tooth Test" and I had lots of fun drawing the cartoon illustrations -- especially the little bacteria critters on Step 5!

Here's a sneak peak ...

Special thanks to the YES Mag & Mad Science Project Team!

Class Acts Gag Cartoon by Mike Cope - Professionally Speaking Magazine - September 2011
Home Lab: "Tooth Test" in YES Mag #84: The Science Magazine for Adventurous Minds (Sep/Oct 2011).

Class Acts Gag Cartoon by Mike Cope - Professionally Speaking Magazine - September 2011
CLOSE-UP: Bacteria Critter!

Click the above image to enlarge*.

* Please note: The sample in my portfolio section is a low-resolution copy of the finished artwork I provided my editor, Shannon Hunt, with at Peter Piper Publishing. The text layout is initially done by the magazine's designer, Sam Logan. I then illustrate the cartoon characters and materials to fit the page's design.

You can also find a copy of this Home Lab project's steps (including my cartoon illustrations) on YES Mag's website. So grab your toothbrush, toothpaste, eggs, juice, and soda pop, then head on over and see what those little bacteria critters are trying to do to our teeth each night!

About the magazine:

YES Mag: The Science Magazine for Adventurous Minds is published bimonthly by Peter Piper Publishing Inc. and is a Mad Science Publication. Mad Science is on a mission to spark the imagination and curiosity of children everywhere. Mad Science provides fun, interactive, and educational programs that instill a clear understanding of science.

Stay TOONed!

- Mike Cope

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