Friday, August 22, 2008

Cartooning for Kids @ Concession Library

Cartooning for Kids @ Concession Library
Cartooning for Kids @ Concession Library (Aug. 6/08).

A few days ago, I received some photos from my cartooning session at Concession Library on August 6th (previously announced). I'm happy to say that the room was jammed pack with over 25 budding young cartoonists ... All who were eager to draw for over an hour non-stop!!

Needless to say, the session flew by as we started with funny cartoon faces, drew some Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny hands, created enormously tall giants with a perspective drawing activity, and finished with a little bit of animation magic!

Very, very fun, but *PHEW!*

I do apologize to those who were left on the waiting list!! The feedback from library staff (and kids) has been extremely positive, so hopefully we'll be able to fit some more seating at a future session ... Stay TOONed here for details :)

An aspiring, young cartoonist draws a giant GIANT. (Photo courtesy of The Hamilton Public Library)
A budding cartoonist draws a GIANT giant (Photo courtesy of The Hamilton Public Library).

A special thanks to all of the staff at Concession Library, who took care of all the preparations including registrations and room furnishing. I look forward to cartooning with you again!

Stay TOONed!

- Mike Cope

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  1. Sounds like fun, Mike!

    Last year I did the same thing for my daughter's class. I had a ball. Kids desperately need a creative outlet.