Sunday, January 31, 2010

In Memory of Sam Vogl - YouTube Video

YouTube: "Sam Saves Christmas" (In Memory of Sam Vogl)

This weekend, news media across Canada have been reporting on the tragic death of a teenage boy, Sam Vogl (age 17), and his friend's father, Steve Babb, after a terrible skiing accident at Revelstoke Mountain Resort (British Columbia, Canada). Both men were from Grimsby, Ontario.

Facebook groups can be found here:
"R.I.P. Sam Vogl"

"Rest in Peace Sam Vogl and Steve Babb"

Sam was one of the brightest, hard-working, and genuinely FUN students I met during the four months I substituted as Grimsby District Secondary School's (GSS) Communications Technology teacher in the Fall of 2008. Always positive, always smiling, and always willing to help others ... A model student.

"Sam Saves Christmas" is a student video project originally created by Sam and his fellow Grade 11 classmates for the school's annual Christmas Assembly. Unfortunately, the assembly was cancelled due to a severe snow storm, so this film was never presented as intended.

I always save copies of student works that make great exemplars for future classes to aspire to. With the permission of Sam's classmates who participated in this video's creation, I've uploaded a copy of "Sam Saves Christmas" to YouTube so that students at Grimsby Secondary can enjoy this fond memory.

As family, friends, and an entire community mourn, I hope this video helps others understand why Sam Vogl will always be fondly remembered for his humour, enthusiasm, and tremendous school spirit.

Rest in peace, Sam.

- Mr. Cope

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

NetTrekkers Comic Yearbook #1 - NOW AVAILABLE!!

Calling all Canadian elementary school teachers! I'm delighted to announce that classroom sets of NetTrekkers Comic Yearbook - Book #1 are now available for ordering from LesPlan Educational Services Ltd.

Now you can help inspire and develop student literacy using a fun and exciting comic book that's all about Canada!

Click here to download a brochure (PDF format).

Or, click on the following images to enlarge ...

Free previews of both the NetTrekkers Comic Yearbook and Teacher's Resource Guide can be downloaded from LesPlan in PDF format.

You're also invited to visit My Selected Portfolio to see some additional page samples from the comics appearing in this book.

Stay TOONed!

- Mike Cope